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Good Evening…and good night!

This is my first post, and I am making it from my iPad while laying in bed watching the Cardinals topple Arizona 7-0 in the 4h. Lynn’s fastball is moving well buy more importantly he is making pitches and keeping a cool head on the mound.

I’ll have more to say later…including how I got my custom Blues shirt in the mail the day after they were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

But one quick note about me: we’re going to have fun on this blog. I use #hashtags even when I am not on twitter: and yes, I live and breathe twitter 24/7. I love the weather, and I’m fascinated by it. You’ll hear a lot about storms here. And sports – I’m very opinionated and I’ve won several thesis defenses against brick walls. But in all reality – what I love is my family, including my three year old daughter, two month old son and beautiful wife.

Get to know me! I want to meet all of you – and with that I bid you all good evening….and good night!

(Final editor’s note: I used to be a journalist and I hate spell checking. If you see a typo, shame on you for catching it.)