Game 2: Cards @ Dbacks

It didn’t take long for Allen Craig to find his way up the batting order, finding himself sliding into the cleanup role tonight. He is sporting a mean swing right now, so it’s a great fit for him tonight.

More interesting is Jay leading off – despite his high average, his walks total isn’t where it needs to be. Leadoff hitters need to find a way on base, not just swing for singles. That being said, Jay is being more patient at the plate as of late. Matheny might be playing the hot hand here.

I doubt we will see five home runs again tonight, but I do think Freese goes deep again tonight. He should have had a HR against Houston this past weekend but he got robbed in right field. The power is there for him still, he just isn’t hitting for as high of an average right now – the five hole suits him well.

The big question everyone has is what to do with Craig once Berkman comes back. It’s hard to find AB’s for Craig as Jon Jay is the only player suited for CF in that outfield and Berkman is a must start at first. I don’t see it being a problem though. Berkman is injury prone. He might stay healthy, and if he does it will be because Craig gets a share of the starts at first, especially against lefties.

This raises an interesting question. Matt Adams is major league ready at the plate right now – but we have no need for him at this level at 1B. When Berkman ends his career in STL, who is at first – Craig or Adams? Jon Jay is our CF, Holliday is cemented in left. This logjam of waiting on Beltran’s contract to end could result in a trade of Matt Adams for starting pitching.

Three years from now, the best case scenario:

C Molina
1B Adams
2B Greene/FA/Wong
3B Freese
SS Furcal/FA/Jackson
LF Holliday
CF Jay
RF Craig

But if that plays out…where does Oscar Taveras land in that crew?

Good problems to have…

Good Evening…and good night!

This is my first post, and I am making it from my iPad while laying in bed watching the Cardinals topple Arizona 7-0 in the 4h. Lynn’s fastball is moving well buy more importantly he is making pitches and keeping a cool head on the mound.

I’ll have more to say later…including how I got my custom Blues shirt in the mail the day after they were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

But one quick note about me: we’re going to have fun on this blog. I use #hashtags even when I am not on twitter: and yes, I live and breathe twitter 24/7. I love the weather, and I’m fascinated by it. You’ll hear a lot about storms here. And sports – I’m very opinionated and I’ve won several thesis defenses against brick walls. But in all reality – what I love is my family, including my three year old daughter, two month old son and beautiful wife.

Get to know me! I want to meet all of you – and with that I bid you all good evening….and good night!

(Final editor’s note: I used to be a journalist and I hate spell checking. If you see a typo, shame on you for catching it.)